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Cleveland TFi 2135 Series Mid Mallet
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Cleveland TFi 2135 Series Mid Mallet

Your Putter May Be Lying to You! Cleveland Golf's Innovative Mid Mallet Putter Gets You On the Green and In the Hole in Fewer Strokes! Read More
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If you're like 80% of golfers as you line up for a putt, your eyes aren't directly over the ball. That means the sightline on your putter's bottom flange may actually be causing you to hit a misaligned, off-center putt that's almost guaranteed to miss the hole! Since 1979, Cleveland Golf has been committed to helping golfers of all skill levels play their best, with innovative solutions that shave strokes off your score. Their 2135 Putters have raised the sightline to the exact center axis of the ball (21.35mm from the ground) to help you achieve the perfect alignment, regardless of address position! And new TFi (True Feel Innovation) face combines a copper-infused milled face cap over a copolymer insert for the ultimate in feel and consistency across the face without the leaden weight of standard, all-steel club faces. As a result, over 90 grams of weight has been redistributed away from the face to the perimeter, enhancing stability and distance control to help you make that putt and save par! Right hand only.

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