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Cole & Mason Precision Grind Salt & Pepper Set
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Cole & Mason Precision Grind Salt & Pepper Set

Cole & Mason Precision Grind Salt & Pepper Mills Season Your Food With Gourmet Perfection! Read More
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Established in England in 1919, Cole & Mason is passionate about the art of seasoning. They know precision is the key to bringing out the delectable flavors your refined palate relishes. Elegant and timeless, the Precision Grind Mill Set releases more flavor with fewer turns! The Pepper Mill features a hardened carbon-steel professional grinding mechanism with 6 precise settings — from a light dusting to crumb-sized granules. Rather than simply crushing the peppercorns, the mechanism strips down the individual layers as it grinds. As the different flavors within these layers are released, they mix together to deliver the fully rounded and intense flavor of the peppercorn, enhancing your food with a difference you can really taste! And the Salt Mill's diamond-sharp ceramic mechanism with 3 adjustable settings smoothly grinds from coarse to fine with the utmost precision for maximum flavor, without over-seasoning. Fits nicely in your hand — spring loaded mechanism allows easy adjustment of the base dial, and top simply pulls off to refill. An attractive addition to the dinner table and a thoughtful gift for your favorite gourmet! Nicely gift boxed; salt and peppercorns included. Measures 2.4" x 7.5".

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