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Cone Head Water Cannon (Set of 2)
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Cone Head Water Cannon (Set of 2)

Refreshing Fun for the Family — Cone Head Shoots a 1" Stream of Water Over 30 Feet! Read More
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(set of 2)

Today's toys have a half-life of about 30 minutes. Beyond that, my kids get bored, or the toy breaks in two! But Cone Head reminds me of the Hoola Hoop® and the Frisbee®. No moving parts, unbreakable construction, and clean, wholesome fun that never wears out. Just get into the water, grab the handles, and pull down quickly.

The Venturi Effect takes over, increasing the velocity of the water as it passes through the decreasing diameter of Cone Head. Sounds simple (why didn't I think of it!), but so ingenious it earned a U.S. Patent (#4,925,181 — look it up!). You'll be amazed as a 1" jet stream of water arches over 30 feet through the air — right where you aim it! Set of 2.

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