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Cool Breather Carafe
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Cool Breather Carafe

Get the Most Effectively Aerated Wine You've Ever Tasted, in Just Two Minutes — With Our Wine Breather Carafes. Read More
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(34 oz.; white wines)

Last year, European friends of ours hosted a holiday party. Now, they rarely serve anything less than the finest vintages from Old World wine regions, yet I was still completely overwhelmed by how amazingly rich the bouquet and the flavor were, glass after glass. That's when they shared two of the most remarkable and most effective wine accessories I had ever seen — the Wine Breather and Cool Breather Carafes. The whole party was astonished at the sight of these in action, as the reds and whites cascaded from their inverted bottles above, through the special aerator, and down into the carafes. The only thing more impressive was the resulting wine, just a couple minutes later. But don't just take my word — lab tests show that the Wine Breather Carafe aerates wine twice as effectively as any other aerator on the market, adding 10x more oxygen in just two minutes. Cool Breather Carafe also adds a clever, reusable cooling stick nestled inside the carafe to keep white wine cool while aerating. Drip-free carafes are also great for serving.

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