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Copper Athletic Socks
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Copper Athletic Socks

Copper-Infused Socks Prevent Bacteria, Athlete's Foot and Fungi From Breeding in Your Socks — Keep Feet Odor and Itch Free! Read More
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The antimicrobial properties of copper have been well documented for decades. But it wasn't until the breakthrough of copper-laced Cupron yarn, that the anti-fungal benefits of copper could be applied directly to itching, scaly, smelly feet. And because copper ions are infused into the yarn, the protection won't wear or wash out, even after hundreds of uses. Prevents 99.9% of bacteria and fungi growing in your socks, creating a clean, fresh foot environment that controls offensive odor. Moisture-guard wicking system also keeps feet cool and dry. 85% Poly, 13% Copperpoly, 2% Spandex.

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