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Quick Chill Pitcher
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Quick Chill Pitcher

Turn Your Steaming Hot Cup o' Joe Into Iced Coffee in Just 90 Seconds, Without Watering it Down Down With Our Quick Chill Pitcher! Made in the USA! Read More
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Enjoy refreshing ice cold coffee or tea without sacrificing taste! Unlike ice, the Quick Chill Pitcher won't dilute your drink. Simply pour up to 16 ounces of your favorite hot coffee or tea, or room temperature soda, wine or spirits to the maximum fill line. Remove the insert from freezer and place in pitcher. That crackling sound means it's chilling your beverage fast — cools the hottest beverages in 90 seconds and room temperature beverages in just 30 seconds! Made from BPA-free materials, with high-density tubes that contain purified water (no nasty chemicals) — completely safe for the whole family. Convenient and compact (about the size of a quart of ice cream), refreezes in about an hour so it's always ready to cool things off without watering them down! Cools two 16 oz. hot beverages or eight 16 oz. warm beverages between refreezing. Top rack dishwasher safe. Made in USA.

"Preserves all of the volatile aromatics of hot coffee, but cold, which I've never experienced before. It preserves all of the acidity and flavors of proper extraction without muddling or diluting the brew. Hands down, this is the future of iced coffee."

- Ryan McDonnell, Tasting Manager, Starbucks' Roy Street Cafe

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