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Deep Penetrating Light Therapy Handheld
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Deep Penetrating Light Therapy Handheld

Portable, Deep Penetrating Light Therapy Handheld — NASA-Developed Technology Treats Pain and Soreness to Keep You in the Game! Read More
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I choose to stay active to maintain my health and well-being, but there are times my body doesn't cooperate, whether I'm hampered by soreness, or worse, a soft tissue injury. But now I'm never sidelined for long. For years, NASA has utilized this revolutionary Deep Penetrating LED Technology to promote healing of wounds and tissue growth in astronauts. Now that same fast-healing technology is available in this safe, easy-to-use Handheld! Rather than just warming the skin's surface like heating pads and lesser LED technologies, the 60 medical-grade red and infrared LEDs emit photon energy to deeply permeate the skin and tissues — up to 2" deep! Light therapy decreases painful inflammation and increases blood circulation to promote tissue repair and recovery. Easy to hold for spot treatments — relieves pain in as few as 3 sessions! Spot-treat inflammation and arthritis in the joints, hands, back, knees, neck, shoulders, elbows and more — completely pain-free, non-invasive, with no side effects and fast results! FDA cleared Class II OTC Medical Device. Includes travel pouch. AC/DC power supply. One year warranty. 7½"L x 2¾"W x 1¼"D. Weighs 5 oz.

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