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Diamond Plate Privacy Wallet
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Diamond Plate Privacy Wallet

Our Sleek Diamond Plate Privacy Wallet Protects You From Identity Theft With a Silky Layer of Woven Stainless Steel! Read More
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Most credit cards and your passport now contain tiny chips that provide a unique identifier that can be scanned to retrieve your billing details. But such RFID technology can, unfortunately, also be corrupted by hackers using portable scanners in crowded airports, restaurants, and stadiums. Our slim and supple Privacy Wallet features interior pockets woven from a super-fine thread of solid stainless steel. The resulting flexible fabric feels like silk — but protects your ID like armor plate! Diamond Plate Stainless Steel is as flexible as leather with a ballistic nylon spine and interior accents for a modern look. Features include 6 credit card crossing slots, 2 hidden slip pockets, and a large currency pocket for complete protection from today's high-tech pickpockets!

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