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Discovery Orchestra DVD/CD Set
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Discovery Orchestra DVD/CD Set

Transform Your Experience and Learn How to Really Listen to Classical Music With the Discovery Orchestra Interactive Concert Series! Read More
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Learn what you've been missing! Renowned Artistic Director George Marriner Maull teaches you the difference between listening and simply hearing great music as he leads you through engaging and entertaining educational concerts of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony First Movement, Bach's Brandenburg Concerto No. 4, Third Movement, and Vivaldi's The Four Seasons. By taking apart and reconstructing the music, the orchestra and Maestro Maull help you discover extraordinary details within the music. As you watch and listen, the interactivity will give both novice and die-hard classical music lovers a new appreciation of these masterpieces. Each concert includes a listening guide — simply print out the PDF and follow along for an immersive listening experience you won't forget! Bonus music CD includes over 4 hours of Bach, Beethoven and Vivaldi, and can be transferred to an MP3 device for on-the-go listening! Set includes 3 DVDs (55 minutes each) and 1 audio CD (4 hours 20 minutes). Made in the USA.

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