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DIY Massage Ball
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DIY Massage Ball

Grab a Ball, Find a Wall, and Get Rolling to Relieve Painful Knots in Your Neck and Shoulders, and Soothe Aching Feet — Made in USA! Read More
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Like many of you, I feel the ill-effects of hunching over a computer screen all day — a stiff back, sore shoulders, and painful kinks in my neck. Now, instead of going to a massage therapist, I get immediate relief with the DIY Massage Ball! Simply grab the ball, find a wall, lean back and get rolling to help your muscles recover from the pressures of a digital lifestyle! Developed by a sports therapist, the non-marking rubber ball is the correct density to effectively treat the knots in your muscles — you control the pressure by positioning your feet closer or farther from the wall. Stretchy cord and comfort grip handle helps you maneuver the ball to just the right spot — ahhhh. Used by elite pro athletes, the patent pending design also helps relieve painful plantar fasciitis. Lightweight and portable for home, office or travel — like having a massage therapist with you wherever you go! Makes a great gift too! Includes storage pouch. Weighs 8 oz. Made in USA.

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