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Dry Guy Boot/Glove Drier
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Dry Guy Boot/Glove Drier

Guaranteed Totally Dry Boots, Shoes, Gloves and Hats — While You Break for Lunch! Read More
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Nothing can ruin a ski trip faster than wet boots, and the icy cold feet and miserable skiing that follow! You can stuff them with newspapers, balance them on the heater, or singe them on the hearth, but chances are they'll still be damp and clammy in the morning. Dry Guy lets you quickly resume outdoor play with warm, dry gear protecting your extremities! Four drying towers and a powerful, whisper-quiet rotary blower gently forces 105°F heated air for rapid drying of soggy shoes and boots, sopping-wet gloves, or snow-soaked hats in just 1-2 hours. Three-hour timer pumps a steady supply of dry air right up to the toes of your boots, then shuts itself off. Or choose room temperature air for complete and gradual drying. Completely safe to use with custom liners and delicate garments. Warm your boots and gloves before heading outdoors and treat your feet and fingers to toasty warm, dry gear! Includes 2 removable extension tubes for taller boots. Measures at base 9.75"W x 6.75"D x 11.25"H; weighs 5 lbs.

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