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DrySure Boot Dryers
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DrySure Boot Dryers

Dry Out Soggy Boots Fast — No Electricity, Heat or Batteries Needed! Perfect for Travel! Read More
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I discovered DrySure on our latest trip to London after getting caught in torrential rain and soaking my boots! The shopkeeper who recommended them explained these clever Boot Dryers are designed in the UK, and safely suck up moisture fast — 12x more effectively than normal air drying! Removable silica oxide bead bags are housed inside shoe-shaped frames — simply insert DrySure to absorb up to 10 days of sweat or moisture, reducing nasty, smelly bacteria and fungus for healthier feet. Reusable design targets areas like the toe and heel where moisture typically builds up — easily re-activates by drying in the oven, in direct sunlight, or on a warm radiator. Safe for all footwear, including sneakers, golf shoes, hiking, snow and ski boots — no electricity, heat or batteries needed!

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