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Due Volte Aerating Wine Glasses (Set of 4)
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Due Volte Aerating Wine Glasses (Set of 4)

Bring Out Even More of Your Wine's Fragrant Bouquet and Subtle Flavors By Aerating Twice Around the Curves! Read More
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Wine lovers know that aerating wine provides up to twice as much scent and flavor than serving from the bottle or a traditional decanter. Aeration reduces the high carbon dioxide level often found in young reds, softening the tannins, making the wine smoother and more balanced. The unique curves of the Due Volte (Italian for 'twice') Aerating Glasses gently disperse wine while pouring in, then again when drinking from the Glass, providing twice the aeration and oxygenation for superb flavor! Each Glass features curves and grooves that provide a comfortable hand hold to enjoy your wine at its best! Hand blown Aerating Glasses measure 4.7"H x 3¾" Diameter; hold 16 oz. each. Dishwasher safe.

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