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DynaTrap Mosquito Eliminator Full Acre Trap
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DynaTrap Mosquito Eliminator Full Acre Trap

Reclaim Your Yard! Effectively Eliminate Annoying, Disease-Carrying Mosquitos and Insects Without Zapping or Pesticides! Read More
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Remember the days when you could relax on your patio or deck without jumping up every time you heard a tell-tale buzzing, afraid of getting bitten? Like a radar, mosquitos and many other biting insects follow the trail of exhaled carbon dioxide to zero in on their next blood meal — you! With dangerous diseases like Zika virus, West Nile, encephalitis, meningitis and more on the rise, co-existing with these flying disease carriers is an increasingly risky proposition. Eradicate the threat with the award-winning DynaTrap Eliminator! Naturally clean, whisper quiet and odorless, it uses multiple lures to attract flying insects both day and night without zapping! Just plug in any wall outlet — a discreet fluorescent bulb generates warmth and UV rays to attract insects as it also reacts with an exclusive Titanium Dioxide coated surface to produce CO2 — irresistible to mosquitos (no propane needed)! As insects approach, a powerful vacuum-action fan sucks them in and traps them in the cage where they dehydrate and die. And because many blood-seeking insects stay close to where they breed, with continuous operation DynaTrap may effectively disrupt their lifecycle in just 4 to 6 weeks! Say goodbye to mosquitos, Asian beetles, stink bugs, no-see-ums, black flies, horse/deer flies, wasps, hornets and yellow jackets with DynaTrap! Features brighter bulbs, more powerful fan and high-capacity catch basket for Full Acre coverage. Durable all-weather construction; cage twists off for easy cleaning with included brush. Includes two UV light bulbs, most effective for 3000 hours (approximately 4 months continuous use). Completely safe to use indoors. Measures 20"H x 13" diameter; weighs 8.85 lbs.

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