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DynaZap Insect Zapper
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DynaZap Insect Zapper

Eliminate Annoying Insects From Your Home Without the Mess — DynaZap Zaps Them Away! Read More
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Don't smear annoying insects all over your walls, simply trap them under DynaZap's large surface to efficiently terminate pests with a quick electric charge! Handle telescopes over 3 feet, and head pivots in multiple directions to effectively reach the tops of walls and ceilings for quick and easy results! Exterminates mosquitos, wasps, flies, hornets, yellow jackets and other annoying flying and crawling insects on contact. Dual safety switch allows DynaZap to operate only when the trigger button is engaged. So put down your old fly swatter and zap those pests away! Uses 2 AA batteries; included. Measures 8"x 2"x 16.5"; weighs 17 oz.

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