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Eagle Eyes Fold-Up Aviator Sunglasses
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Eagle Eyes Fold-Up Aviator Sunglasses

Soar to New Heights in Eagle Eyes Fold-Up Aviators — Iconic Style With Renowned Clarity for Hi-Def Vision Anywhere! Read More
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For more than 75 years, Aviator Sunglasses have been worn by generals, movie stars and, of course, pilots who appreciate the protection afforded by the large lenses. Now, Eagle Eyes has developed a modern marvel that incorporates their award-winning polarized TriLenium® Lens System into a convenient, portable design. These Fold-Up Aviators use original NASA optic technology to block out 99.9% of harmful UVA, UVB and vision-destroying Blue-Light, while allowing in selective, vision-enhancing light rays. Meticulously engineered with impeccable attention to style and functionality, the Stainless Steel frames quickly fold up and fit securely in the hard shell case to keep handy in your pocket or purse, wherever you go. Slightly reflective mirror lenses combine certified 3X-filter polarization for optimum reduction in eyestrain and fatigue with maximum protection for your sensitive eyes. Special lens coatings protect against scratches, repel smudges, fingerprints and moisture for years of low-maintenance use. High-bridge frame and soft nose pads ensure comfortable wear without pinching. Pilot your life in style while protecting your vision with these iconic Aviators — with the only sunglass lens technology in the world certified by the Space Foundation! Includes pocket-size case (with plush lining, magnetic clasp, and carabiner), anti-fog spritzer (0.34 oz.), micro-fiber pouch, and micro-dual screwdriver.

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