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Eagle Eyes Ladies' Sunglasses
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Eagle Eyes Ladies' Sunglasses

Turn Heads and See Sharper than Ever Before — Stylish Polarized Sunglasses Use Original NASA Optic Technology! Read More
Item #: ES1312
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Enjoy crystal clear vision in even the harshest sunlight without squinting! Our new Ladies' Eagle Eyes incorporates the same polarized TriLenium Lens Technology developed from original NASA optic technology. Selectively filters out 100% of the harmful radiation wavelengths UV-A, UV-B and dangerous blue light spectrum. Light waves that do penetrate are vision-enhancing green, yellow, orange and red wavelengths which allow you to see more vividly with better contrast and definition. Sparkling side temples pop in the summer sun, while sturdy optical hinges last a lifetime. Low-maintenance multi-layered, polarized lenses are scratch-resistant, protect against oils and are even water-repellant. Style and function never looked so good! Includes protective case and microfiber pouch.

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