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Eagle Eyes Memory Flex Sunglasses
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Eagle Eyes Memory Flex Sunglasses

Twist 'Em, Bend 'Em, Sit on 'Em — Eagle Eyes Memory Flex Sunglasses Spring Right Back Into Shape! Protective, Polarized Lenses Use Original NASA Optic Technology! Read More
Item #: ES1090
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I typically need to buy a new pair of sunglasses about every 6 months. They're just so fragile, and I need them for every outdoor activity, so I'm constantly transferring them between the car, gym bag, boat and golf bag. I'd just about given up wearing premium sunglasses when the owner of Eagle Eyes called.
Don't ask me how they did it, but the engineers at Eagle Eyes perfected their Memory Flex™ frame technology using an innovative titanium alloy — 10X more pliant than steel with enough flexible strength to be bent over-and-over and return to its original shape every time! I was skeptical at first, figuring they wouldn't stand up to my high standards. I kept bending and bending them, surprised I couldn't twist them out of shape, then really started contorting them in every direction — they just sprung back every time and looked good as new!
Coupled with this amazing new frame technology is Eagle Eyes legendary polarized TriLenium™ Lens Technology which blocks out 99.9% of harmful UV-A, UV-B radiation plus scattered blue light. Developed from Original NASA Optic Technology when scientists needed a filter to protect Astronauts' eyes from the harsh elements while working in space. They found the solution in the mysterious oil droplets in eagles' eyes, which protect them from the sun while allowing them to distinguish prey from miles away. Unlike technologically inferior sunglasses which often block all colors in the wavelength spectrum and darken your vision, Eagle Eyes remarkable lens technology lets in vision-enhancing green, yellow, orange and red wavelengths for vivid contrast and definition. These multi-layered, polarized lenses are anti-reflective to protect you in high-glare driving conditions. Scratch and impact resistant lenses even protect against oil, smudges and fingerprints! Incredibly bendable but not indestructible when excessive force is used. Includes zippered case, micro-fiber cleaning pouch and anti-fog lens cleaning kit. See web for video demonstration of Memory Flex frames.

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