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Eagle Eyes Titanium Rimless Ultralights
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Eagle Eyes Titanium Rimless Ultralights

Relax Your Eyes and See the World in "Hi-Def" with NASA Optic Technology! Ultralight Eagle Eyes Rimless Sunglasses Weigh Less than Half an Ounce for All-Day Comfort! Read More
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You won't believe how clearly you'll see without straining or squinting with Eagle Eyes polarized Ultralight Sunglasses! Your eyes become immediately relaxed as you enjoy exceptionally clear vision, contrast and definition — way beyond ordinary sunglasses! Unlike most, Eagle Eyes selectively filter out 99.9% of the harmful radiation wavelengths UVA, UVB and vision-destroying Blue-Light, so you can protect your sensitive eyes and see everything in vivid detail! The story of this remarkable lens technology began at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where scientists needed a filter for astronauts to protect them from the powerful, direct rays of the sun while in space. The solution came from studying majestic eagles. NASA scientists found mysterious oil droplets in their eyes which allow them to distinguish their prey from their surroundings with utmost precision at miles away — and protect them from the sun at the same time! Eagle Eyes TriLenium Polarized Lens with 2x Scratch-Guard coatings offers "dual-action" benefits to block out 99.9% harmful UVA, UVB and vision-destroying Blue-Light. Lenses allow only selective vision-enhancing light rays to reach your eyes for superb clarity and contrast, and vivid "hi-def" vision in any weather. Engineered frames are handcrafted from premium titanium and weigh less than 1/2 oz — so light, you'll hardly know they're on! Enjoy relaxed, crystal clear vision with the only sunglasses in the world certified by the Space Foundation! Gunmetal frame. Includes carrying case, micro-fiber cleaning pouch and cloth, anti-fog spritzer and 4-way micro-sized screwdriver.

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