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'Easy Does It' Car Handle w/Seatbelt Cutter
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'Easy Does It' Car Handle w/Seatbelt Cutter

Stay Mobile! 'Easy Does It' Car Handle Gives You the Leverage You Need to Get In and Out of Your Car Easily and Safely! Built-In Seat Belt Cutter Helps You Escape in an Emergency! Read More
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There's no need to struggle to get in and out of your car with this clever helper! Whether you're recovering from a surgery, an injury, or just find it increasingly difficult to get out of the car, our 'Easy Does It' Car Handle gives you that extra leverage you need! Simply insert the rugged metal support arm into the U-shaped striker (door latch) on your vehicle's door frame. The striker holds the Car Handle firmly in place, providing support exactly where you need it, and giving you a secure bar to push against and hoist yourself out of the car. No-slip ergonomic grip is much safer than trying to grasp the door frame and helps you maintain your balance! Universal fit works with most vehicles, including tall SUVs and trucks that are especially challenging. Easily stores in glove box, seat or door pocket, ready to help you enter and exit your vehicle with ease! Built-in seatbelt cutter helps you escape in an emergency — and metal point can be used to break the car window to get out fast! Supports up to 350 lbs. Measures 8" long; weighs 11 oz.

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