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Free Standard Shipping!Now Shipping New and Improved GEN21!EdenPURE's Efficient GEN21 CopperSmart Electric Heater Cuts Your Heating and Cooling Bills! Smaller Footprint With Front Air Intake Snugs Up to Any Wall — Utterly Safe and Turns Any Cold, Drafty Room Into a Cozy, Warm Sanctuary! Read More
Item #: H923
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EdenPURE makes the safest, most effective room heater you can buy, period. Their newest GEN21 combines an efficient copper heating element with an advanced bladeless fan in a compact, wall-hugging design! The key is EdenPURE's patented PTC infrared heating element at its core, which gently but quickly heats solid, heat-conducting copper, powered by standard 120 volt AC. The PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) heating element involves absolutely no fuels or combustion — so no lethal carbon monoxide fumes can result. And no combustion means no dangerously high operating temperatures that can ignite house fires — GEN21's PTC element never gets hotter than the set temperature, and a dual high limit sensor ensures heater safety. In fact, EdenPURE's outer case remains tepid to the touch — safe even for children and pets. And because there's no combustion, EdenPURE doesn't suck oxygen out of the room like ordinary space heaters, nor does it dry out the air (and your skin!). Instead, heat from the copper element (propelled by EdenPURE's ultra-quiet, bladeless fan) rides the existing humidity currents in the room, so moist heat is gently diffused, floor to ceiling and wall-to-wall, throughout the room. No more stone-cold floors and a suffocating hot head and face like with lesser, combustion-based space heaters — which blow superheated, unpleasantly dry air straight up to the ceiling. And with its smaller footprint and front air intake, EdenPURE nestles right up against the wall for an unobtrusive yet highly effective heating solution!

Pays For Itself, Year Round — EdenPURE's GEN21 heats any large room in minutes, so you can turn your thermostat down and save a ton on your heating bills! Air is drawn in from the floor and propelled out at the adjustable, louvered top for the ideal circulation pattern. Built-in handle and light 14 lb. weight allows you to you move EdenPURE with ease as you transition from kitchen to dining room to family room during the course of the evening — although the EdenPURE is perfectly capable of heating today's open floor-plan living areas when centrally located. Fine tune room temperature from 40° - 90°F via the digital touchscreen display, or with the handy wireless remote from your favorite armchair. And on hot summer days, the GEN21's advanced 5-speed bladeless fan keeps gentle breezes flowing — save by setting your AC temperature higher for complete, year round comfort! Includes lifetime washable filter. High/Low and 5 fan speeds, 24-hour Auto On/Off Timer, cETL approved. 22.25"x 13.38"x 7.25". 2 year manufacturer's warranty.

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