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ESPRO Double Filter Travel Mug Press
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ESPRO Double Filter Travel Mug Press

Introducing Double Filtration ESPRO — Savor French Pressed Coffee Anywhere From Table Top to Mountain Top, Without the Grit! Read More
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I really enjoy the rich, bold taste of French Pressed coffee but hate those annoying grinds that often leak through. But on a recent trip to the majestic Mount Washington Hotel here in New Hampshire, my wife found the ESPRO Travel Press, and gave me the perfect brew before we embarked up the Cog Railroad on a crisp October morning. I quickly appreciated ESPRO's double filtration system — blocks the grit while allowing you to savor the robust taste and rich aroma! Simply add your favorite ground coffee, top with hot water, insert the filter top, wait 4 minutes, then press. ESPRO uses a patented double micro-filter — the outer filter is 9x finer and the inner filter is 12x finer than a common French Press for the cleanest, most delicious cup of coffee imaginable! Stainless Steel double-walled, vacuum sealed Travel Mug Press allows you to brew your favorite blend right in your mug, then screw on the insulated top to enjoy a delicious, hot cup of coffee on the go, hours later! 10 oz. Filters separate for easy cleaning.

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