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EXOvault Exotic Louro Preto Wood w/Brass iPhone 6/6s Case
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EXOvault Exotic Louro Preto Wood w/Brass iPhone 6/6s Case

Unapologetically Unique, Magnificently Crafted, Exotic Materials — Protect Your iPhone 6/6s in Distinctive Style! Read More
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Stand out from the crowd of copycat iPhone cases and make a bold statement with these strikingly unique cases, epitomizing the perfect balance of premium materials and quality craftsmanship! EXOvault cases are specifically designed as pocket-sized, functional art to complement the sleek iPhone aesthetic. Genuine exotic woods are melded to a phenolic resin composite core to provide structural integrity without detracting from the stunning beauty of the natural materials. Meticulous attention to detail is evident in the smoothly rounded ends, crafted from impact resistant brass, nickel or black anodized aluminum. Durable and long-lasting, this protective, two-piece case is laser cut with exacting precision to snugly surround your iPhone. Stainless steel screws secure the four corners (tool included) — assembly takes a mere 2 minutes to protect your iPhone in distinctive style! Includes mini screwdriver and 2 additional screws.

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