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Flex Specs w/Keychain Case
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Flex Specs w/Keychain Case

Remarkable Ultra-Thin Flex Specs Go Everywhere You Go In a Compact Keychain Case — So You'll Always Have Reading Glasses With You! Read More
Item #: ES183
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We are sorry, but this product is no longer available.

We also offer Flex Specs with additional storage case options. Please call us at 1-866-558-7467, and we will be happy to help you.

Before Flex Specs, I always forgot my reading glasses and wound up squinting at menus in dim restaurants, and struggled to read emails and text messages on my phone. But now I have Flex Specs always handy right on my keychain! Simply slide Flex Specs out of the protective Keychain Case and place on your nose. Feather-light and as thin as a nickel, the patented, award-winning design is crafted with super-elastic metal alloy and crystal-clear, bulletproof polycarbonate lenses (the same optical-grade material used in high-end prescription lenses). Exclusive Flex-Grip technology uses ultra-flexible titanium alloy (10x more elastic than spring steel) — guarantees a stable and comfortable fit! And Flex Specs cleverly stay protected in a compact Keychain Case — simply slide the button to fold one lens over the other, keeping them safe, scratch-free, and always within reach. Leave your bulky reading glasses at home and take Flex Specs anywhere — so durable, they're guaranteed for life! Keychain Case measures 2.8"x 1.6"x 0.38" thin. ES184 and ES185 are not presently available on the web. Please call 866-558-7467 to order.

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