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Footmate System
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Footmate System

Soothe and Pamper Your Tired, Hard Working Feet Without Bending Over! Read More
Item #: W580
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Your feet work hard and take a beating, supporting you all day, every day — so it's no surprise they get sore and tired. Refresh, restore and renew your aching feet without bending, stretching or standing on one leg, (and risking a fall!) with the FootMate® System, made right here in America! Podiatrist recommended FootMate not only cleans your feet, its contoured brushes re-energize and keep them healthy by stimulating circulation — good for everyone, and essential care for diabetics. Suction cups grip firmly to your shower floor or bathtub wall. Gentle inner brushes massage your tender soles, while stiffer outer bristles smooth away dry, rough skin and calluses. Apply a small amount of Rejuvenating Gel (included) onto the brush — its natural antiseptic blends of tea tree oil, healing aloe, cleansers and conditioners will leave your feet soft and invigorated. Enjoy that "spa treatment" feeling with this ultimate foot massage! Includes 7.5 oz. Rejuvenating Gel. Made in USA.

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