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Forever Cubano Pen
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Forever Cubano Pen

This Cuban Smokes the Competition for Coolest Compact Pen Ever! Made in Italy! Read More
Item #: ES1016
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It looks like a stogie, but is actually a clever pen that lasts forever — no ink, refills or sharpening required! Forever Cubano Pen's Ethergraf® tip puts down a line with all the soft, subtle shading of a pencil, but with the permanence of ink. The tip is a specially crafted alloy of metals designed to write without wearing down — contact between the Pen and paper alters the writing surface, but not the tip, so it lasts indefinitely! Created by renowned Italian designer Sergio Mori, the unique, ergonomic shape is handcrafted with fine reclaimed woods by master craftsmen in the heart of northern Italy. Smooth tip writes a surprisingly fine, no-smudge line. Forever Cubano Pen is compact and lightweight, yet comfortable in your hand and easy to grip — keep it in your pocket or attaché without worry of ink leaking. Cubano even comes in a rugged aluminum cigar tube — makes a perfect gift he'll enjoy for years! Works best on heavier stock paper. 4" long; weighs 1 oz. Made in Italy.

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