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Forever Prima Pen
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Forever Prima Pen

Exclusively From Italy, the Elegant Prima Inkless Pen — No Refills, No Sharpening, Yet Writes Forever! Read More
Item #: ES966
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Now you'll always have a pen ready when you need it without searching for one that works! Unlike other writing instruments, Forever Prima Pen uses Ethergraf®, a patented metal alloy tip that leaves permanent, pencil-like markings on paper through oxidation. Forever Pen writes with the precise stroke of a pencil, yet doesn't need graphite, lead or ink — it won't smudge and never needs sharpening or refilling! Contact between the Pen and paper alters the writing surface, but not the tool, so it lasts indefinitely. Created by renowned Italian designer Sergio Mori, the Pen's sleek, anodized aluminum body is completely handmade by master craftsmen in the heart of northern Italy, ensuring superb quality you'll enjoy for years! Works best on heavier stock paper. 7" long; weighs 1.4 oz. Made in Italy.

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