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Goal Zero Rechargeable Li-Ion Generator Model 1400 w/Solar Panel Kit
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Goal Zero Rechargeable Li-Ion Generator Model 1400 w/Solar Panel Kit

Free Standard Shipping! Easy-to-Use Goal Zero Portable Electric Generators Safely Operate Indoors — Lithium Battery Recharges Via Included Solar Panel or AC With No Noise, No Fumes and Power to Run Your Refrigerator for 24 Hours! Read More
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Instantly have the emergency power you need when the lights go out with this portable, rechargeable Electric Generator — completely silent and safe for indoor use! Keep critical appliances like refrigerators, freezers or health-care equipment running smoothly without the hazards, mess and inconvenience of gas generators, and no deadly carbon monoxide emissions! Along with an award-winning design for innovation, our new Zero Emissions Generators feature an exclusively designed, replaceable lithium battery pack with added monitoring systems and smart electronics for superior performance and safety. Increased surge allowances let you plug in even high-demand appliances and sensitive electronics without worry. A variety of ports (dual AC outlets, 3 or 4 USB, and a 12V car socket) accommodate everything from your refrigerator to your TV or toaster!

A smaller, denser energy storage system is lighter and easier to move with the same amount of runtime as earlier models. Converting power from DC to AC (just like it's coming out of your wall), Goal Zero has the highest surge rating of any similar wattage inverter on the market — so you'll still be able to microwave your popcorn for movie night during the blackout! The larger Model 1400 will run most full-size refrigerators continuously for 24+ hours, a 48" LCD TV for 35 hours, or charge your laptop 23+ times! And because it can absorb a full load (unlike gas generators), you can confidently operate power tools when an outlet isn't nearby. Features advanced battery monitoring and protection — ensures safe use, long runtimes and extended 12-month shelf-life. Needs no maintenance, and the easy to read LCD screen displays watts in/out and remaining battery charge. Also ideal for camping and tailgating — watch a movie and enjoy a cold one from your mini-fridge fume-free! Kit includes two large, portable 50 Watt monocrystalline solar panels to charge generator; folds like a briefcase for easy carrying (includes carry/storage case). Solar panels will fully charge Model 1400 in 27-55 hours of direct sunlight. Includes 6 foot charging cable so you may leave unit running inside and have solar panels outside collecting power! Model 1400 battery capacity is 1425WHrs with 3600W surge output through AC, 1500W run load; also recharges in 25 hours via AC outlet (cord included). Generator measures 10"x 15.3"x 10.4"; weighs 45.7 lbs. Solar Panel measures 21.8"x 26.8"x 3.5" folded. Manufacturer recommends charging every 6 months when not in use.

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