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Granger's Easy Care Footwear Kit
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Granger's Easy Care Footwear Kit

The Best Kept Secret of the Outdoor World: Granger's Easy Care Kit Cleans & Protects Footwear So Your Feet Stay Warm & Dry! Read More
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You've spent a small fortune on boots and shoes, so why care for them with ordinary cleaners? Since 1937, Granger's has provided outdoor gear protection to everyone from Mt. Everest adventurers to the British Military. Recommended by Patagonia, The North Face and more, Granger's Easy Care Kits keep your performance gear clean, breathable and water-repellent so you stay warmer and dryer! Footwear Care Kit effortlessly removes mud and muck, neutralizes odors and adds a water-repellent finish and conditions leather. Suitable for all footwear, including suede, nubuck and fabric — perfect for restoring the water-repellent finish found on boots and shoes with Gore-Tex® . Includes 9.3 oz. Footwear Cleaner, 9.3 oz. Footwear Repel, Brush, and 2.6 oz. sample Leather Conditioner.

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