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Green Strike AE Attractant Refill Kit
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Green Strike AE Attractant Refill Kit

Refill Your Green Strike Mosquito Preventer With a New Mid-Season Attractant to Capture and Destroy More Mosquito Eggs and Lower Populations Up to 80%! Read More
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Lure pesky, disease-carrying mosquitos into the 'artificial pond' of the Green Strike Mosquito Preventer with this unique, non-toxic attractant! Refill Kit includes a fresh lure to attract mosquitos to the trap, where they land on the water or Landing Strips to lay their eggs. The water is automatically filtered every 1 to 3 days, removing the eggs to dry out and die. With continued use, you can lower the mosquito population in your yard by up to 80%! Kit includes AE Mosquito Attractant (attracts mosquitos mid-season when temperatures are consistently above 80°F), new filter and landing strips. For best results, replace Preventer water and use a new Refill Kit every 30 days.

"A new method of reducing mosquito populations that is simple, effective and environmentally safe to use." — Gerardo Ulibarri, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry; Laurentian University

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