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Grit Guard Bucket
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Grit Guard Bucket

Now a Better Bucket Lets You Wash Your Car Without Scratching the Paint! Read More
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Every time you squeeze out your sponge or wash mitt, tiny particles of dirt drift to the bottom of the bucket — polluting your wash water. And many more particles remain trapped in the sponge, causing scratches and swirls that mar your paint. But a fellow car collector finally came up with the solution, and it's a dandy. Inside Grit Guard's generous 5-gal. bucket, a 4" tall, open grid on the bottom lets dirt and grit sink through — but keeps your sponge a safe distance away. The grid can't collect dirt, because it has no flat edges. And the radial spokes lets you clean off your sponge against the grid, releasing trapped particles to sink through the insert, while the wash water above stays clean! Includes bucket, Grit Guard, and waterproof lid so you can store cleaning supplies inside. Optional 5-caster dolly makes Bucket more mobile, and serves double duty as detailing stool!

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