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Grundig Edition Mini Radio
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Grundig Edition Mini Radio

Listen to the World: Stay Informed of Global News Anywhere, With Grundig Shortwave Mini Radio — Anniversary Series! Read More
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The world is an interesting place. Every time we turn on the news we are barraged by a litany of ever-changing world events. Whether it be unstable financial markets, geopolitical and economic turmoil abroad, or the threat of terrorism in our own backyards, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. In this uncertain world, it's good to know there's a name you can rely on to bring you the information you need. For 70 years, Grundig has been synonymous with engineering excellence, and their shortwave radios bring world news directly from the source to keep you informed. We're pleased to present the Anniversary Series, combining the best of Grundig's legacy with modern innovations from the emergency preparedness specialists at Etón — models to suit your every need. All provide comprehensive coverage of AM, FM and Shortwave bands, linking you to local and international news, music, sports and talk radio. Digital tuning and telescoping antennae ensure your stations come in loud and clear, wherever you are!

Mini Radio — Keep the world in your pocket with this mighty Mini! AM/FM and Shortwave bands keep you informed on the go, while an alarm clock keeps you on time. Palm sized global powerhouse easily travels anywhere for instant access to the information and news you need! Receives AM, FM, and SW. Includes headphone jack and carry pouch. 4.3" x 2.7" x .47"; weighs 7.5 oz.; uses 2 AAA batteries.

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