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HairMax Cordless Ultima Laser Comb
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HairMax Cordless Ultima Laser Comb

Free Standard Shipping!First and Only Medical Device Ever Cleared by the FDA for Promotion of Hair Growth for Men and Women — Re-Grows Hair Without Greasy Lotions — So You'll Look and Feel Younger! Read More
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You've seen HairMax advertised in The Wall Street Journal on a daily basis. And it's true — HairMax has been approved for marketing by the regulators at the FDA, under the rigorous 510(k) submission process — including the FDA's review of pertinent clinical data. The key clinical study utilized a double-blind, multi-center controlled test that unequivocally proved that HairMax actually causes hair growth in men and women with certain classes of androgenetic alopecia (that's science speak for inherited male or female-pattern baldness). In fact, HairMax re-grew hair for 93% of test subjects!
The Science — HairMax uses medical grade Low-Level Laser Therapy to deliver light energy to light-starved hair follicles. Much like photosynthesis, laser-light energy acts as a nutrient to feed individual hair follicles that, like any living cell, respond to light by growing. Individual lasers provide pin-point coverage. And HairMax's patented array of teeth spread apart your existing hair to ensure that every square centimeter of your scalp receives equal amounts of nourishing laser light.
Like Brushing Your Teeth — Just 8 minutes a day, 3 days a week is all that's needed to re-grow hair with the Ultima 12 (designed by the famous Italian house of Pininfarina). Simply glide slowly over your scalp from front to back, moving it about 1/2 inch every time you hear the beep at 4-second intervals. It's easy, it's absolutely painless (actually feels like a scalp massage!) — and a lot less trouble than flossing your teeth every single day. In just weeks, you'll literally have thicker, fuller, healthier hair — and more of it! About 45% of users will see noticeable results within the first 8 weeks of treatment. The second 45% will see noticeable hair growth in weeks 10-16. The final 10% may not achieve results. With these odds, HairMax has a 90% chance of helping you look younger than your age. And with these odds, we're extending our No-Questions, Money-Back Guarantee to 6 full months! Cordless with a rechargeable Li-Ion battery; includes world-wide power adapter. (12 lasers; 8 min. sessions.)

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