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Headlight Restoration Kit
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Headlight Restoration Kit

Increase Your Car's Safety and Value — Restore Headlights to Like-New Clarity for up to 3x More Light! Winner of Popular Mechanics Editor's Choice Award and Made in America! Read More
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Damaging UV rays and thousands of miles of wear and tear remove the factory coating on your headlights, resulting in unsightly yellow, hazy lenses. Dull lenses not only make your car look older, they reduce road illumination by as much as 66%, reduce visibility, and create harsh glare for oncoming traffic — a major safety concern! Restore the original clarity and performance of your headlights and reduce up to 70% of glare in three easy steps that take less than an hour with our Headlight Restoration Kit. Contains everything you need to fully remove haze and corrosion (without using any power tools), including an easy to apply proprietary UV Block Clear Coat for durable and long-lasting protection. Your headlight lenses will be clearer and shine brighter so you'll be safer driving at night! And your car will look newer, increasing its value! Kit contains Surface Activator, Clarifying Compound, UV Block Clear Coat, Waterproof Premium Sandpaper (400, 1000 & 2000 grit) for wet sanding, Applicator and Polish Cloths, Protective Tape, and Vinyl Glove. Made by the headlight experts at Sylvania, includes lifetime warranty. Made in USA.

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