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Heated Stay-Put Insoles
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Heated Stay-Put Insoles

Insoles Keep Feet Toasty Warm Without Overheating — Removable Battery Lets You Keep Them In Place! Read More
Item #: FS103
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Slip our Heated Stay-Put Insoles into your favorite shoes or boots and keep your feet toasty as you head outdoors! New and improved design offers extra flexibility and convenience with removable, rechargeable battery packs — now there's no need to remove the entire insole! Enjoy increased flexibility with a shock-absorbing, water resistant, flexible foam bottom and soft microfiber lining for surprising comfort. Wafer-thin, lightweight Li-Ion polymer battery is padded with a dense foam cushion (you won't even know it's there) — proprietary manufacturing process makes it highly water-resistant and protects the electronics from the elements. Each battery powers full-length heating elements for up to 5 hours of soothing warmth on medium (depending on outside temperature). Ingenious wireless remote slips into your pocket. With the touch of a button (and without taking your shoes off), select one of three settings — 'No Heat', 'Medium' (100°F), or 'High' (111°F). Like a thermostat, Heated Insoles will automatically cycle on and off to maintain the steady desired comfort zone. But unlike other foot warmers, they won't become hot to the touch, so your feet won't sweat. Rechargeable at least 500 times, with no memory effect for toasty feet all winter long! Includes 2 Heated Insoles, 2 Rechargeable Li-Ion Batteries (recharge in 4 hours), remote control with battery, USB cable, wall charger and travel bag. Unisex sizing; please see chart. May be trimmed an additional 0.25" (please note: cutting beyond solid line may cause damage to heater and will void warranty). Remove your existing shoe insoles only if needed for a perfect fit.

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