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Hestra Women's Classic Wool-lined Deerskin Glove
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Hestra Women's Classic Wool-lined Deerskin Glove

Hestra's Classic Wool-Lined Deerskin Glove — The Perfect Companion for Chilly Mornings and Brisk Evenings, As the Seasons Change. Read More
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Sometimes you don't want the heft of a traditional winter glove, but still need to keep your hands and fingers warm when the seasons change, and the air turns cool and crisp. These hand-sewn deerskin gloves are delightfully supple and soft, while the surprisingly plush, lightweight wool lining makes them irresistibly cozy. So your fingers will stay warm and comfy, even as winter winds whip up, and the thermometer plummets below freezing. Great for gripping cold steering wheels, fall shopping on 5th Avenue, weekend strolls through the park, or afternoon walks across miles of unforgiving city blocks. Imported. Lining: 80% Merino Wool, 20% Polanide.

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