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High Heat Custom Hybrid
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High Heat Custom Hybrid

Improve Your Game With Custom Fit Clubs: High Heat Clubs Have a Titanium Face, Lower Center of Gravity and Massive Sweet Spot to Help You Hit the Ball Faster, Straighter and Longer! Read More
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Hit more consistent shots and shave strokes off your game without changing your swing! Created by Dean the 'Pope of Slope' Knuth (former USGA Director and developer of the Course and Slope Rating Systems), High Heat Clubs are crafted specifically for amateur golfers! Most clubs on the market are made to work for PGA Tour pros who consistently swing up to 130 mph, and hit on or very near the center of the face. But most amateur players swing at 80-90 mph and hit off center, never utilizing the full power of the club. High Heat Custom Clubs are designed solely to meet the performance needs and swing speeds of amateurs like you. The Titanium Hybrid's Center of Gravity (CG) is deeper (further back from the face) and lower than the average CG location of the major brands. Deep and low CG produces a 50% higher launch angle that helps get the ball airborne for maximum carry distance. High Heat offers the only Fairway Wood and Hybrid on the market with titanium faces! Seven distinct zones of variable thickness produce a significantly increased spring-like effect on off-center hits for extra distance to clear those hazards like never before, even on a bad swing — the ball simply 'explodes' off the face! The larger club faces are more forgiving, producing less dispersion from the center line with an MOI higher than major brands. And the center rail on the bottom of the sole delivers consistent contact from any lie. These award-winning clubs sport a distinctive cobalt blue color, like a 'high heat' flame! Please call or live chat with us (see top of page) to answer a few simple questions and you'll receive your Custom Clubs with the perfect loft, shaft and flex so you too will be hitting longer, straighter drives and fairway shots that keep you out of trouble and get you on the green faster! Available in Men's and Women's specs, RH only. 19° loft. Standard length premium shafts (Fujikura), and Lamkin grip. Includes head cover. Conforms to USGA Rules of Golf.
"By lowering the center of gravity, a flock of previously mis-hit shots turn into sweet-spot drives. It's a potential game changer for amateurs. Just so you know... I've already got my order in." — Gary Van Sickle,

"Best Hybrid of 2016 and easy to get up in air." — Golf Gear

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