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Hone Alone Razor Sharpener
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Hone Alone Razor Sharpener

Extend the Life of Your Razor by 5-7 Times — Hone Alone Sharpens Blades Like an Old Fashioned Barber Strop! Made in the USA! Read More
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Professional furniture maker Keith Brandman has been sharpening chisels and plane irons for 40 years. His electric tool sharpener had him wondering about the possibility of sharpening those expensive razors he was always tossing out. After chewing up more than a few of the tiny cartridges, Keith discovered a rubber compound (treated with his 'secret sauce') that offers just the right resistance to sharpen the blades, extending the cartridge's life up to 7 times! Takes just seconds to use — simply wet the razor head and pass it over the honing pad in the opposite direction of shaving before each shave — 5-6 passes will do. Makes a great gift, works with virtually all women's razors too. And it lasts — Keith's been using the same sharpener for 6 years! Use with any 2-5 blade disposable cartridge. Made in USA with U.S. materials (and as Keith says, since he is also U.S. made, so is the labor)!

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