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Hydro-Helper Power Brush
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Hydro-Helper Power Brush

Snap the Hydro-Helper Brush Onto Your Garden Hose and Eliminate Gunk and Grime Off Your Vehicles, Grill and More Fast — No Cords or Batteries Needed! Read More
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Save your back and your time with our Hydro-Helper Power Brush! Lightweight, easy to use and sure to be your favorite cleaning tool, its patented design uses the force of water to spin the brush with steady, powerful torque, yet won't spray you as you work! Tough on dirt, gentle on your paint job and designed with water conservation in mind (uses 50% of the water of a free-flowing hose), Hydro-Helper delivers strong, water-powered cleaning and detailing for cars, motorcycles, bikes, lawn furniture, grills, tool and more! Cuts through gunk and grime, blasts through tight spaces around tail pipes, wheel spokes and rims, and rinses as it scrubs. Sure to be your favorite cleaning tool, Hydro-Helper comes with 2 interchangeable brushes — the soft black brush gently cleans more sensitive surfaces like chrome, while the stiffer white brush scrubs away greasy messes from your grill and that caked-on muck off your golf clubs, boat or garden tools. Instantly connects to any standard garden hose with the included Quick-Connect adapters — there's even an extra male adapter to use with your sprayer nozzle so switching them is a snap. Created with durable injection molded parts built to last, Hydro-Helper will never corrode, and needs no batteries or electricity to get all your cleaning jobs done fast and effectively! Includes 2 brushes (1 soft, 1 stiff), and Quick-Connect System (female end screws onto your garden hose; 2 male ends for Hydro-Helper and your own spray nozzle).

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