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Indoor/Outdoor Atomic Weather Clock
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Indoor/Outdoor Atomic Weather Clock

Spruce Up Your Porch or Patio with Our Decorative and Practical Indoor/Outdoor Atomic Clock — Automatically Adjusts the Time Each Night! Read More
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Add a nice decorative touch and easily check the time, temperature and humidity levels, inside or out, with our versatile Atomic Weather Clock! This extra-large 24" clock automatically sets the time as it synchronizes to the National Institute of Standards and Technology's atomic clock in Colorado — using resonance frequencies of cesium atoms, it accurately determines the exact length of a second for 300 million years! Synchs via low frequency radio signal — you'll never have to touch it again as it automatically adjusts overnight! Features molded black case, bright white dial with black numerals and hands for easy viewing from over 50 feet away. Also provides temperature and humidity levels. Weather sealed and adds a nice touch to your deck, porch or family room. We do recommend outdoor use out of direct sunlight (to protect the finish from UV rays) so you'll enjoy your clock for many years!

Directions for Atomic Clock:

  1. Insert one new AA battery (1.5 volt Alkaline).

  2. The hands may start to move right away, or, depending on your location, it may take up to 48 hours to synchronize with the Atomic Clock in Colorado.

  3. After the clock catches the signal, push the grey button below the battery compartment for your time zone. You'll never have to change the time again, even for daylight savings!

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