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Inflight Device & Drink Holder
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Inflight Device & Drink Holder

Forget that Germ-Infested Tray Table — Our Clever Inflight Holder Keeps a Firm Grip on Your Device and Drink for a More Enjoyable Flight! Read More
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Make the most of your tiny territory on your next flight and solve some air travel's inconveniences with Inflight Device! No more bashing your knees on the tray table, or spilled drinks when you shift in your seat. Installs in seconds — simply unlock the tray table and hook the anchor securely over the top, close and re-lock the tray. Adjustable bungee secures your phone or tablet at eye-level so you can comfortably catch up on your favorite TV episodes without a sore neck. Convenient drink holder hugs your airline cup, can or bottle without tipping over during turbulence, while fold down accessory hook keeps your headphones or jacket handy. If the passenger in front of you reclines their seat, a quick turn of the knob adjusts Inflight's angle. Slim, compact design folds flat so it's easy to pack. Perfect for Big & Tall travelers and anyone who wants a more convenient and comfortable flight experience! Note; Inflight Device will not work in First Class, Emergency Exit Rows, or First Rows. Supports cell phones & tablets up to 8.5" high. Includes travel pouch. 3.6 x 2 x 5.3 inches.

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