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KeySmart Rugged Titanium
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KeySmart Rugged Titanium

Ditch Your Bulky Key Ring — Rugged KeySmart Titanium Fits From 2 to 100 Keys; Even Holds Handy Pocket Tools in a Streamlined Organizer! Read More
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Constantly annoyed with poked thighs and jingling keys, KeySmart's designer created a clever solution to the bulky key ring! Crafted with durable aircraft aluminum, KeySmart Titanium has a unique, compact 'S' shape that looks sleek and feels great in your hand. Like a pocketknife for your keys, it keeps the sharp edges tucked away in layers while exposing the smooth backs for easy access. Even better, you can customize KeySmart Titanium by adding your favorite accessories for a convenient combination tool! Includes a durable stainless steel bottle opener, loop piece (to attach car fobs), and a removable pocket clip — additional accessories (sold separately) include Folding Knife, Wrench/Screwdriver, Locking Pliers and even a 16 GB USB Flashdrive! Ultra-strong to withstand anything — fits up to 14 keys with included expansion screws, or simply add the Expansion Pack to organize multiple keys and accessories. Individually made with the highest quality and care, flush screw heads and recessed posts prevent overtightening, ensuring the correct tension for easy access! Fits all flat keys up to 3" in length, including international keys. 3mm thick plates.

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