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Klasse All-in-One
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Klasse All-in-One

Germany's Best Replaces Eight (Count'em!) Car-Care Compounds! Read More
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I first spotted Klasse in heavy use at the local Concours, where finicky collectors swear by it to protect their classics, and dazzle the judges. The reason? Klasse's breakthrough acrylic formulations contain no waxes or silicons whatsoever, yet clean and shine cars, boats and planes with dramatic brilliance. Versatile All-in-One removes: oxidized paint, old wax, tar, tree sap, gasoline stains and bugs — so you can throw out your old rubbing compound, polishing compound, bug and tar remover, plastic cleaner, chrome and metal polish, glass cleaner, fiberglass cleaner and paste wax! Leaves a shimmering shine that shields against salt, UV rays and acid rain for 6 months.

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