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Leica Q
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Leica Q

Free Standard Shipping! Once Again, Leica Rewrites Photographic History With the Groundbreaking Leica Q — Full-Frame Sensor and the Fastest Lens in Its Class! Read More
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Pushing the limits, while focused on the essential — since its inception over 100 years ago, this has always been the guiding principle at Leica. Their ambitious drive produces sleek, cutting-edge cameras that don't just take pictures, they craft stunning masterpieces. Always seeking to create the perfect symbiosis of design and superior technology, the Leica Q combines the best features of previous models in a compact, easy-to-use, no-fuss system. And this hybrid Leica is completely adaptable to your preferences — shoot fully auto, manual or in between; control settings via buttons or touch screen; shoot full frame 28mm wide angle or crop to 35mm or even 50mm. Precisely made and assembled by hand in Germany with the fastest lens in its class and a full-frame sensor, you can rely on the Leica Q in every situation, even adverse lighting conditions, to produce images of magnificent quality!

The Lens — Whether you're shooting a field rimmed with trees popping with autumn color, raindrops clinging to vibrant hibiscus petals, or a shimmering cityscape after dark, the Leica Q does it all. Classic 28mm focal length Summilux f/1.7 ASPH lens is the fastest in its class — perfect for street, architectural and landscape photography. Indoors, the shutter is almost completely silent for stealth shooting. Transition from full auto mode to Shutter or Aperture Priority to full manual with quick turns of the lens and dial; no need to navigate menus. Ingeniously, another turn of the lens slides forward the macro focus scale — a very cool feature. It also allows you to create a shallow depth of field with remarkable bokeh. This all metal and glass lens adds the perfect heft to the camera and will last a lifetime.

The Body — Leica's German engineers have outdone themselves again with a durable magnesium body wrapped in diamond-patterned anodized aluminum for a solid, balanced feel that fits comfortably in your hand. Unique thumb rest in rear provides a natural grip while allowing quick access to the control pad. Intuitive button controls along the left side of the rear 1.3MP LCD screen include a programmable Function button. Like your smartphone, the 3"LCD touch screen makes it easy to navigate menus. Top plate houses laser etched dials for shutter speed and dedicated exposure compensation as well as power switch/shutter release, hot shoe, microphone and video record button. Simply bring the camera to your eye to activate the integrated, high-resolution electronic viewfinder which, at 3.68 MP, surpasses all others for crystal clear viewing. Mirrorless lens system keeps the body sleek and more compact than most DSLRs, and the specially designed 24 MP CMOS full-frame sensor captures crisp, extraordinary images without the noise.

Technology — Instantaneous shutter response comes courtesy of a new Maestro II image processing chip, customized for this compact camera. Contrast-detect autofocus provides ultimate sharpness at maximum speed, capturing DNG and JPEG images at up to 10 frames per second. Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC and WLAN makes sharing your pictures and Full-HD videos a breeze. With its fast lens, easy and intuitive handling, and flexibility to shoot everything from sweeping landscapes to macro close-ups, the Leica Q is perfect for photographers who wish to concentrate on the essential — creating stunning masterpieces! As with all Leicas, you receive a complete kit, including a powerful battery, charger and extensive software for photo and video processing (Adobe Photoshop Lightroom downloadable from Leica, and Leica-Q App for iOS and Android remote control and image transfer). Also includes carry strap; lens hood and cap; accessory shoe cover; AV and USB cables. Two year warranty. Camera body measures approximately 5"W x 3"H x 3.7"D; weighs 22.5 ounces with battery. Made in Germany.

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