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Luxury Edition Monopoly
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Luxury Edition Monopoly

Turn Off the TV, Put Down the Smartphone And Rediscover the Simple Pleasures of Family Conversation and Mental Challenge With These Heirloom-Quality Classic Board Games! Read More
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Monopoly PiecesEver notice how television and the internet pervade our society? Most airports have a TV blaring in every waiting area, anesthetizing impatient flyers. And I defy you to enter a restaurant these days and not find a majority of the patrons with their noses buried in their smartphones! This relentless barrage of screen-time stifles conversation and genuine human interaction! Try this experiment. Turn off the TV, hide the smartphones and tell the family it's game night. Notice how eye contact and stimulating conversation reappear, without the mind-numbing electronic screens mesmerizing everyone into zombies. You'll learn more about your spouse's and children's activities, thoughts and dreams in one hour sans technology than in a month of following Facebook entries and tweets! And the luxurious attention to detail found in these games will make the night feel special. So play a classic board game together, and rediscover the virtues of shared experience and family fun.

Built to Treasure — Luxury Edition Monopoly is oversized and housed in a handsome, mahogany burl-finished hardwood cabinet with striking die cast metal details. These handsome family heirlooms are as suited for display as they are for play. Monopoly® includes die cast tokens, houses and hotels, recessed faux leather rolling area, gold foil-stamped game path, gold-lettered title deeds, game cards, money and two integrated storage/banker's drawers. This game is sure to become a treasured family heirloom that will be passed down for generations.

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