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Majorica Organic Pearl Bangle Bracelet
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Majorica Organic Pearl Bangle Bracelet

Give Her a Gift She'll Always Treasure — Lustrous, Iridescent Organic Pearl Bangle Bracelet From the Experts at Majorica! Read More
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Located on a picture perfect island off the coast of Spain, Majorica has been perfecting the unique and delicate process of creating organic pearls for 120 years. Just like the oyster, Majorica pearls are created with layer upon layer of organic materials, recreating the iridescence, beauty and perfection of the finest natural pearls. Starting with a crystal nucleus, skilled artisans delicately hand coat 30 layers of fine pearl nacre, or 'Pearl Essence' from Mediterranean seashells. After every coat, each pearl is dried and polished by hand to remove imperfections, then meticulously fired to resist discoloration, chipping and peeling (common problems with natural and other cultured pearls). When complete, the pearl's natural beauty is illuminated, achieving near perfection in color, luster, texture and strength. Measured by the Gemological Institute of America to possess the same qualities as the best cultured pearls in the world, and backed by a 10 year global guarantee, rest assured your favorite lady will treasure this gift for years! Pearls are 12mm. Includes suede gift pouch. Made in Spain.

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