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Maui Lavish Bamboo Bath Towel
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Maui Lavish Bamboo Bath Towel

Indulge Yourself With Bamboo Rayon Bath Towels — Softer Than Fleece and 4x More Absorbent Than Cotton Terry! Read More
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We discovered these posh towels at the most opulent retreat on Maui, made available only to guests staying in the exclusive resort-within-a-resort cabanas. And while we couldn't justify sneaking off with them in our suitcase, we did manage to track down the source! Actually made from a lush blend of bamboo rayon and a superior combed long-staple cotton, our Maui Lavish Towels absorb water more quickly and completely — 4x more absorbent than cotton terry. The pinnacle of luxury, the Maui Towel wraps around your skin in a plush, silky embrace that makes you feel positively over indulged — just like we felt in Hawaii! 56"x30". 65% Cotton, 35% Rayon from Bamboo. Imported.

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