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Memory Master
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Memory Master

Replay LP's, 45's, Cassettes — And the Memories Of Your Youth — Then Preserve Them on CD or Your PC, Forever! Read More
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There's a reason you kept your favorite LP's and 45's. Because, like us, you always knew someday, somehow, you'd listen to them again. But as much as I like the warmth of my old vinyl LP's, even with the occasional pops and scratches, I'm concerned they'll eventually disintegrate from age! With vintage styling and today's technology, Memory Master lets you not only play your LP's, 45's and Cassettes, but also burn them directly to convenient and more durable CD's. Or, by simply connecting to a PC or Mac with included USB cable, you can transfer your entire collection into digital files, then download your songs onto your iPod! And Memory Master is a true multi-instrumentalist, not only recording albums onto CD (CD-R/RW), but letting me kick back and just listen to LP's, cassettes, CD's, or the built-in AM/FM stereo radio — and control most functions with the remote. Completely self-contained with built-in amp and speakers. Just last night, I was listening to my old 45 of Angel Baby (Rosie & the Originals), and it made me think of Saturday nights on the way home from the South Park Drive-In, listening to Porky Chedwick on WAMO out of Pittsburgh in the early 60's — those were the good times! Includes Software Suite for uploading and editing audio content; cartridge with diamond stylus; plays 33 1/3, 45 and 78 RPM's; PC/Mac compatible.

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