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Michelin Professional Car Wash Set
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Michelin Professional Car Wash Set

Get Your Car Really Clean Without Smearing Dirt and Grit From Your Bucket Back On! Read More
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From the car experts at Michelin, this clever Professional Car Wash Set includes all the tools you need to keep your vehicle shining like new! Large capacity Wash Bucket features a removable bottom grate that traps dirt and debris so it doesn't get back on your Wash Mitt, and back on your car. Thick, velvety-soft chenille microfiber Wash Mitt holds a ton of soap and water for more efficient cleaning. Soft-touch Wheel & Spoke Brush scrubs all the gunk off your rims without scratching. Silicone Water Blade with ergonomic non-slip grip squeegees water off your windows fast for clear, streak-free viewing. Detachable bucket Side Tray with drain holes can be installed inside or outside the bucket — keeps the Mitt and Brush clean and handy. Bucket measures 10"H x 15"L x 10"W x 10"H; holds 4.5 gallons.

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