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MIO Alpha Heart Rate Watch
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MIO Alpha Heart Rate Watch

The World's First Strapless, Continuous Heart Rate Watch With EKG Accuracy! Read More
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I'm a pretty avid runner and know the importance of monitoring your heart rate while training, but have never enjoyed using an awkward-fitting, sweat-trapping chest strap. And using a touch screen heart rate watch usually meant having to stop running. I've always wondered why a watch didn't exist that somehow used the pulse in your wrist to measure heart rate — until now! The MIO Alpha Heart Rate Watch is the world's first strapless, continuous heart rate sports watch. It uses two light beams and an electro-optical cell under the watch face to 'sense' the volume of blood under your skin, providing an EKG-accurate reading even at speeds of 12 mph. No longer will you need the uncomfortable chest strap. Along with standard clock, timer functions and continuous heart rate display, the MIO Alpha allows you to set specific heart rate zones with visual and audible alerts, and data review, so you know duration, average heart rate and time spent within your target zones. Alpha is also compatible with most Smartphones using Bluetooth®4.0 and can sync with most training apps to review speed, distance, pace and location. Soft silicone strap with negative dotmatrix LCD display make it comfortable to wear all day. Includes USB charging dock and rechargeable litihium polymer battery. Runs for 8-10 hours on full charge. Water Resistant.

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